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Day of the Week, Ruling Planet and Meanings!

When casting your desires take into consideration besides Moon phases workings are also impacted by days of the week, planet alignment, numerology and Astrology.

Waxing Gibbous

Monday (Ruled by the Moon): Resting, psychic awareness, healing, purification, fertility, invoking, creativity, divination and power.

Tuesday ( Mars): Protection. sexual energy, strength and confidence, aggression, passion and courage.

Wednesday ( Mercury): Intellectual, travel, research, career, the conscious mind, divination and wisdom.

Thursday ( Jupiter): Finances, spirituality, money, expansion, prosperity, abundance, generosity, charity, and development.

Friday ( Venus): Romance, attraction, relationships, beauty, love, reconciliation and self awareness.

Saturday ( Saturn): Issues with Home, releasing, weight loss, endings, family life.

Sunday ( Sun): Healing of entire body, prosperity, success and protection.