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Astrology and the Moon

The moon sign signifies moon and emotion. The moon travels through each Zodiac on a continual basis. The moods determine the outcome.


The Moon Signs and Zodiac meanings.

Aries: Starting projects, drive, motivation and ambition is needed to finish. Rapid results that pass and assertion.

Taurus: Projects now last longer and increase. Appreciation and growth.

Gemini: Outside influence changes the outcome of any workings done under Gemini Moon, focus on communication, fun and enjoyment.

Cancer: Focus on family and home, emotions, growth and nurturing workings.

Leo: Self awareness, focus on emotions and staying calm and humble.

Virgo: Detail orientated, health, focus, schedules and timing

Libra: Balance, partnership, cooperation and details.

Scorpio: Psychic awareness, endings, secrets,

Sagittarius: Confidence, adventure, growth and expansion, dreaming and imagination.

Capricorn: Focus, responsibility, setting boundaries and rules.

Aquarius: Rebellious nature, breaking habits and changes, freedom of expression.

Pisces: Dreaming, intuition, psychic enhancement and spiritual connections.

Each direction has a meaning and purpose in casting.


North ( Earth): Health,healing of mind, body and spirit, spirituality, increasing intuition, divination, guidance and manifesting. Main direction to face when doing spiritual work.

South ( Fire): Love, relationships, creativity and emotion.

East ( Air): Business, money, finances, new business, healing and new beginnings.

West ( Water): Moving on, letting go, cleansing, self awareness and forgiveness.