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Moon Phases

In order to achieve your desire in workings one must pay attention to the phases of our Moon, without her energy your working will not be fed properly. Take advantage of the energy and wisdom she provides. Pay homage to her and give her offerings on a regular to thank her for providing blessings, abundance, lessons and teachings.

Cycles of the Moon

Phases of the Moon:

New Moon: -The moon is visible during daytime and darkened during the evening. During this time the Moon and Sun will sometimes align becoming a Solar Eclipse. The New Moon represents new beginnings, relationships, new business ventures and endeavors. This is the time to set intentions for future growth. Relax and meditate on your desires, this is a time for positive changes.

Waxing Crescent/ Waxing Gibbous: The moon is furthest from the Sun. This Moon will be visible East after sunset and before sunrise. The moon is growing her strength which means it is time to grow your knowledge of what you want, income grows, relationships grow, communications grows, self knowledge grows. During this time you should read more and educate and heal yourself. This is the time for financial prosperity (growth in finances)

Full Moon: The Moon and the Sun are Opposite, her highest point and best time for any workings are at midnight. The moons power intensifies at this time, it is time to put your desires into action, increase psychic abilities, manifesting abundance and all casting is done at this time.

Waning Crescent/ Waning Gibbous: The Moon is decreasing in size, now is the time for reflection, healing, cleansing, releasing, letting go and completion. This time is time to break habits, breakups, healing from past trauma and letting it go.

Every month has a different name and purpose for their Full Moons, two Full moons in one month is called a Blue Moon, the most powerful moon to manifest desires, this moon will bring blessings.

January: Time for cleansing, fresh beginnings, leaving the past behind and renewal.

February: Hunger, focused for abundance, grinding and patience.

March: Beginnings emerge, growth, winter is moving along and spring is coming, the earth is starting to come to life.

April: Spring time, abundance is growing, starting to see progress and receive from what was previously planted.

May: Birth and starting to receive the beginning of your workings.

June: This is time to honor the Earth and Goddesses/Gods, becoming one with self and showing gratitude.

July: Time to begin harvesting, healing and saving.

August: Time for receiving blessings and abundance, settle differences and heal, surround yourself with people you love and enjoy summers gifts to you.

September: Relaxing and manifestation of future endeavors.

October: Time to lay to rest anything that hindered your growth and prepare for endings. This is the time to gather herbs and roots before the ground no longer provides for the year.

November: Time to work on inner strength, meditation, healing and thinking about what you want to change about yourself for the new oncoming year.

December: Resting and getting ready for the new year, spending time with family and friends now is the time to mend any differences and move forward for the new year.

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